Dear friends,

After five years of service to the community as coordinator of The Jason Miller Playwrights’ Project at Scranton Public Theatre, I have decided to step aside and focus on my own writing for a while.

It has been an honor to work with those of you who entrusted your scripts to our care or who as actors and technicians helped breathe live into so many diverse characters. I am likewise indebted to each and every one who purchased a ticket or made a donation in support of our crazy vision. I couldn’t be more proud of the theatre we’ve created together.

It is my understanding that the program will continue forward in its mission to procure and develop new theatrical works by local writers. I hope that you will continue to support the project’s initiatives and new, original work created in and for this region, in general. Don’t hesitate to contact Scranton Public Theatre at 344-3656 if you have any questions.

If you need to reach me personally regarding a theatrical matter, email

peace and blessings,



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